Introduction to Permaculture - the Basics!

Permaculture landscape

Are you passionate about sustainability, intrigued by the idea of creating eco-friendly spaces in urban settings, or just beginning your gardening adventure?

If any of these resonate with you, our Introduction to Permaculture workshop is the perfect starting point to immerse yourself in the world of permaculture.

Workshop Overview

This workshop is meticulously crafted for individuals who are curious about permaculture but are unsure where to begin.

With a team of experienced women educators leading the way, we break down the fundamental concepts of permaculture to make it accessible and engaging for all participants.

Our goal is to provide you with the knowledge and tools needed to start integrating permaculture principles into your indoor or outdoor living spaces — no matter how big or small they are.

What You Will Learn:

Foundational Concepts: Grasp the essential building blocks of permaculture, including its history, theory, and the key tools and techniques that have shaped this practice.

Design Thinking: Develop a designer's mindset with a whole systems design approach that's grounded in permaculture ethics and principles.

Reading the Landscape: Gain insights into performing a holistic site assessment that will empower you to make informed decisions about utilizing your space.

Urban Permaculture: Discover practical gardening ideas and techniques tailored for small-space living — particularly for the unique challenges of the Okanagan Valley and other temperate climates with extreme summer heat and winter cold.

Course Format:

Self-paced Learning: Start anytime and progress at your own pace through 7 multimedia lessons, which amounts to just over an hour of engaging content.

Interactive Activities: Test your understanding and apply what you've learned with guided activities and quizzes.

Accessibility Features: We ensure an inclusive learning environment that includes:

  • Closed captions: The videos you will see throughout this workshop are hosted on YouTube, which means you can hover your cursor in the bottom portion of each video to enable closed captions by clicking the "cc" symbol.
  • Audio description: All text slides have a built-in audio version of the script being read by the video host so you don't miss any key information if you experience vision loss.
  • Downloadable transcripts: A downloadable transcript is available for each video lesson.
  • 3-Year Access to Workshop Resources: You will have access to all workshop resources, including multimedia content, additional reading materials, and interactive exercises, until February 2027. Please note we are working to provide you with longer-term access; however, this is subject to funding.

Support a Great Cause

Our flexible donation model offers three tiers — $15, $25, or $45, making this vital education accessible to the majority of people.

In addition, 100% of the funds raised go towards supporting the Rhizome Eco-Social Education Society (RESES), a non-profit organization, in continuing to offer accessible and low-cost ecological education opportunities and the creation of land-based ecological demonstration projects.

Those who are able to, can choose to support RESES by selecting one of the higher payment tiers.

Why Choose This Workshop?

Beginner-Friendly: Perfect for those new to permaculture, this workshop offers an interactive introduction before advancing to more complex topics.

Expert Instructors: Learn from a teaching team with over 60 combined years of experience in permaculture, sustainability, and design.

Practical Application: Tailored advice for dryland climates and urban spaces, which makes it directly applicable to your living situation.

A Cause Worth Supporting: Your participation directly contributes to ecological education and community projects.

Join Us!

Don’t miss this opportunity to transform not just your space, but the way you think about and interact with the environment around you.

Whether you live in an inner-city apartment, or on a large rural property, our Introduction to Permaculture workshop will equip you with the insights to start making impactful changes in your life and the world today.

Begin your permaculture adventure now – for yourself, your community, and the planet.

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